Publications & Research

Summary: Discusses the results of the February 2007 research study, and suggests that any damage which can potentially be caused to the entertainment industries by piracy can be at the very least mitigated through adapting to meet consumer needs as opposed to relying on litigation and limitations of both a legal and technical nature. Also establishes the foundations for the “Efficient Distribution Theory”. In the Hertfordshire Law Journal, Vol. 5, Issue 1, (2007).


Summary: Discusses the results of the December 2006 research study, and argues that there is a danger of the law of cyber piracy being misrepresented to the public and policy makers through means such as the ”Piracy Is A Crime” campaign and press articles such as that recently seen in Empire magazine. Main paper published on the BILETA website as part of the conference notes, and in the Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology, Vol. 2, No. 3, (2007).


Summary: Examines the implications of HKSAR v. Chan Nai-ming, the first case in the world where criminal sanctions have been applied to a user of BitTorrent, in light of UK law. Citation of final paper: INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF LAW COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY, VOLUME 21, NO. 3, PAGES 275–284, NOVEMBER 2007


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