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BILETA 2007 – Cyber Piracy Paper

The papers presented at the BILETA 2007 conference have not yet been uploaded to the BILETA website, so I’ve made a PDF version of the full paper I presented available here for download. The paper presents the results of the exploratory study which took place in December 2006, and argues that there is a danger of the law of cyber piracy being misrepresented to the public and policy makers¬†through means such as the¬†“Piracy Is A Crime” campaign, and press articles such as that recently seen in Empire magazine.


Confusing The Captain With The Cabin Boy: The Dangers Posed To Reform Of Cyber Piracy Regulation By The Misrepresented Interface Between Society, Policy Makers & The Entertainment Industries (Full Paper – PDF)

Slideshow Summary (PDF)

Exploratory Study Raw Results (Link)