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BILETA 2007 Presentation Links

A few attendees of the BILETA 2007 conference missed my presentation because it was moved forward by half an hour – apologies for this. The full paper is still yet to be published on the BILETA website, but included here are the slides from the PowerPoint presentation in PDF format and a link to the results of the exploratory study mentioned. Do please keep in mind that the results are raw data – my interpretation of them is contained in the paper which I will link to here as soon as it is available on the BILETA website.

Link: Cyber Piracy Exploratory Study Results (December 2006 – Raw Data)

Download: “Confusing The Captain With The Cabin Boy” (Slideshow Presentation – PDF)



Thank you to everyone who attended the presentation of my paper at the British & Irish Law, Education and Technology Association 2007 conference, and to those of you who showed interest in the area of work afterwards. I will be shortly uploading the PowerPoint presentation from my talk, “Confusing the Captain with the Cabin Boy: The Dangers Posed To Reform of Cyber Piracy Regulation by the Misrepresented Interface between Society, Policy Makers & the Entertainment Industries”, and I’ll provide a link to the full paper as soon as it has been converted to PDF and published on the BILETA website.

Download: “Confusing the Captain with the Cabin Boy” (Abstract – PDF)