Full Cyber Piracy Research Paper & Results Now Available

The results and accompanying paper stemming from the full cyber piracy research study which took place earlier this year is now available for free download from the Hertfordshire Law Journal.


Publications & Research

I’ve now added a separate Publications & Research page where links to all of my cyber piracy research and downloadable versions of my papers will appear as they become available.

BILETA 2007 – Cyber Piracy Paper

The papers presented at the BILETA 2007 conference have not yet been uploaded to the BILETA website, so I’ve made a PDF version of the full paper I presented available here for download. The paper presents the results of the exploratory study which took place in December 2006, and argues that there is a danger of the law of cyber piracy being misrepresented to the public and policy makers through means such as the “Piracy Is A Crime” campaign, and press articles such as that recently seen in Empire magazine.


Confusing The Captain With The Cabin Boy: The Dangers Posed To Reform Of Cyber Piracy Regulation By The Misrepresented Interface Between Society, Policy Makers & The Entertainment Industries (Full Paper – PDF)

Slideshow Summary (PDF)

Exploratory Study Raw Results (Link)

BILETA 2007 Presentation Links

A few attendees of the BILETA 2007 conference missed my presentation because it was moved forward by half an hour – apologies for this. The full paper is still yet to be published on the BILETA website, but included here are the slides from the PowerPoint presentation in PDF format and a link to the results of the exploratory study mentioned. Do please keep in mind that the results are raw data – my interpretation of them is contained in the paper which I will link to here as soon as it is available on the BILETA website.

Link: Cyber Piracy Exploratory Study Results (December 2006 – Raw Data)

Download: “Confusing The Captain With The Cabin Boy” (Slideshow Presentation – PDF)


Thank you to everyone who attended the presentation of my paper at the British & Irish Law, Education and Technology Association 2007 conference, and to those of you who showed interest in the area of work afterwards. I will be shortly uploading the PowerPoint presentation from my talk, “Confusing the Captain with the Cabin Boy: The Dangers Posed To Reform of Cyber Piracy Regulation by the Misrepresented Interface between Society, Policy Makers & the Entertainment Industries”, and I’ll provide a link to the full paper as soon as it has been converted to PDF and published on the BILETA website.

Download: “Confusing the Captain with the Cabin Boy” (Abstract – PDF)

HKSAR v. Chan Nai-Ming (The BitTorrent Case)

Title: Big Crook in Little China: The Ramifications of the Hong Kong BitTorrent Case on the Criminal Test of Prejudicial Effect

Topic: Examines the implications of HKSAR v. Chan Nai-Ming, the first case in the world where criminal sanctions have been applied to a user of BitTorrent, in light of UK law

Written: February 2007 

Status: Working Paper – Accepted for publication, due Q2 2007

Download: Full Document